Saturday, September 5, 2009

I Can't Do It! is calling on all bloggers to declare 09.09.2009
a day without cats! I don't think I want to live in a catless
world. A day without cats would mean:

NO Spaghetti Cat
NO Videos of tiny kittens
NO Pictures of cat ladies with their cats
NO Videos of cats chasing lazer lights
NOT Even any videos of Maru

This is the toughest challenge that has come my way since starting
this blog. I think I have a lot of soul searching to do.


  1. A day without cats is a day without Sunshine... One of my cats is Sunshine! LOVE your blog... I subscribed as a follower! LOVE the title... I think the world needs to Get their cute on! Love the ocelot post... Hubby and I are docents at our local zoo... Our ocelots are pretty shy- hide most of the time and are nocturnal... So many times when we are leading a tour... we have to search for them and even then they are barely visible!

  2. Thank you for visiting our blog!
    I think me and my mom could not survive a day without cats!
    It would be very cruel =(

  3. Hi! So nice of you to drop by, please come back anytime. Cats should be a part of everyday!!

    Mom loved that bunny pic, so fun.